MONARCH 21™ by BTI is a FDA approved penile plethysmograph (PPG).  A fully integrated system, it includes software, stimulus materials, hardware, and 4 day comprehensive training in clinical interpretation and administration. MONARCH 21™ is the result of more than forty years of innovation, clinical trial, scientific research and integration in the fields of sexual offender assessment and treatment. Every aspect of the MONARCH 21™ System has been painstakingly designed and clinically tested to assure the most reliable, ethical, and standardized assessments possible.
MONARCH 21™ addresses and overcomes the four most critical issues in penile plethysmography by: 
  1. providing ethical stimuli that is non pornographic;
  2. standardization for assessment is enhanced through the use of MONARCHs powerful                   non-pornographic stimuli, ongoing research and comprehensive training for technicians and      clinicians;
  3. audio and visual attention cues which are automatically tracked to alert the clinician to attempts at  faking; and
  4. MONARCH 21™ significantly reduces non-response with a combination of projective stimuli, multiple physiological data traces.

The MONARCH 21™ runs standardized assessments and non-standardized PPG assessments.  In addition standardized assessments can include "specialty segments randomly integrated into a standardized stimulus presentation...all defined by the clinician.

MONARCH 21™ also provides portability with a convenient carrying case and goggles that replace the television for viewing the stimuli (additional cost).

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