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Behavioral Technology, Inc (BTI) is a medical device manufacturer that specializes in products and services for the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders.  Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT the company CEO is Peter M. Byrne, PhD who also heads Monarch Assessment and Treatment Center.  BTI manufactures products "by clinicians for clinicians" backed by more than 40 years of clinical research.

Founded in 1994 the primary product manufactured by the company is the MONARCH 21™penile plethysmograph (PPG).  The PPG is now recognized as the only medical device that can accurately predict recidivism. (Hanson & Bussiere)  This important tool is utilized by more than 112 sites across the United States, in Canada and in New Zealand.

Initially a lack of standardization in the industry  was the acknowledged weakness of the PPG. Controversial stimuli, inconsistant clinical methodology and a wide variation in adminstration protocol undermined the proven scientific foundation of the technology.  In 1998 BTI raised the bar and distinguished itself from other PPG's by standardizing the system.  The company began selling a complete intergrated system with mandatory  four day training. 

Since 1998 thousands of MONARCH 21™ PPG data files have been created and compiled by BTI using the same stimuli, adminstrative and clinical procedures.  As a result BTI is recognized as the standard that all other PPG systems should be measured .

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